Taste the traditional food

Matapa is a sauce cooked with peanuts, leaves and seasonal vegetables, crushed with a pestle and mortar. The most common leaves used in matapa are moringa and cassava.

Carril is a ‘one pot’ dish of fish or any other food (such as vegetables) and consists in cooking everything in a pan with garlic, onion, tomatoes, broth, and dried mango, to create a tasty sauce mixed with the main food. It is usually hot and flavoured with chilli. The most common carrils are of crab, calamari, fish.

Xima / Coconut Rice / Kitore
Most dishes you’ll find in local restaurants are accompanied by Xima, a stiff maize porridge, or Kitore, steamed rice cooked with coconut milk and accompanied with green beans.

Xamussas / Rissois
Small triangular or half moon shaped snacks, deep-fried with fillings of fish, chicken or vegetable fillings and piri-piri seasoning.

Peanut cake
This is a sweet cake of firm consistency cooked with peanuts and sugar in a pan.

You can try most of these dishes at local restaurants.